A Day in The Lives of The $2-a-day poor – Submitted by Rev. Mary Morrow Farrell and Fr. Leslie Farrell of Philadelphia, PA. Ordained Ministers of the Universal One Church

For the $2-a-day poor, much of their day is spent trying to generate that little amount through selling your blood plasma, selling your food stamps, or selling your body. They’re constantly at work even though they don’t have jobs. ~ Rev. Mary Morrow Farrell

It’s been said that the poorest American is richer than most people throughout the world, especially in what are called developing countries. But new research by two distinguished scholars has uncovered pockets of poverty in the United States that are so deep they are hidden from sight.

In a new book, “$2 a Day: Living on Almost Nothing in America,” Kathryn J. Edin, Bloomberg distinguished professor of sociology and public health at Johns Hopkins University, and H. Luke Shaefer, associate professor at the University of Michigan School of Social Work and the Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy, introduce readers to the stark results of their research: As many as one in 25 American families with children have no earnings, no welfare check and scrape by on less than $2 a day per person — an amount that is a “World Bank metric of global poverty in the developing world.”