2016 Hillman Prize for Book Journalism

$2 a Day by Kathryn Edin and H. Luke Shaefer wins 2016 Hillman Prize for Book Journalism

People and policy-makers alike have put welfare on the back burner. There are still so many who are denied the opportunity to make a living because of governmental and societal neglect.  In writing $2.00 a Day, Edin and Shaefer have become leading voices in this conversation. Senior White House officials have stated that their research has led directly to the inclusion of a new anti-poverty proposal called the Emergency Aid and Service Connection in the President’s Budget. If funded, this new $2 billion dollar Presidential initiative will provide funding to test new poverty-fighting methods, including faster short-term aid in addition to long-term programs. Shaefer and Edin have both testified before Congress, and have spoken before many of the nation’s largest charitable foundations, and at numerous centers for research on poverty. As Michael Harrington’s “The Other America” did 20 years ago, $2.00 a Day has sparked a conversation and promising changes of which Sidney Hillman would be proud.